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Mold Cleaning is What We Do

Mold is can be dangerous and affect a persons health. What you may not know is that mold has the ability to grow on many substances including food, plastics, pa... READ MORE

We Care About Clean Air

SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City has trained professional for a duct cleaning service. 

Why SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City

Mold growth is about identifying the source of the growth, if you have moisture entering a space and don't correct it you will still have mold growth. A profess... READ MORE

Somers Point Church Recreation Room Water Restoration

This past January 2018 saw a deep freeze in all of Southern New Jersey,especially along the coast line at the Jersey Shore. We were bombarded with calls from fr... READ MORE

Moldy Odor No More in Galloway,NJ

We received a call from a customer that was actually starting to get headaches from the bad odors in their home.A lot of times mold is not visible and can be ve... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning at Assisted Living Center in Somers Point

We were called in to inspect the duct work at a Senior Living Center,and upon inspection,we found all of the vents clogged from the dryer's in all of the buildi... READ MORE

Overflowing Bathtub Can Do Severe Damage

One of the work duties that we like to always get involved in is Networking Groups.The more that you have a strong presence in your community,the more contacts ... READ MORE

Washing Machine's Can Cause Havoc

The homeowner's here called us for help with water rushing in their kitchen from the laundry room.The first I told them is if they didn't have a plumber,that we... READ MORE

Storm Causes Flood During Convention-We Were There!

You can see the damage that this storm caused,and it happened at our local Convention Center right in the middle of a Trade Show.Fortunately,we had done a Ready... READ MORE

Work In Progress After A Storm

This before and after photo depicts our work in progress at an office building that had a flood in the basement after an early spring storm.We got the call thro... READ MORE