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Let US Work Closely with Your Insurance Provider

3/30/2019 (Permalink)

When it comes to customer service, we make continual efforts to make sure that not only you are satisfied but all parties involved are happy with the services we provide. We stay in constant contact with your insurance adjuster, agent and carrier to make sure all parties involved are informed with the services we provide and the progress that is made during the claim. This is paramount to us!

A perfectly satisfied customer is a repeat customer! The relationships that are forged by premier customer service provided to each and every home owner, business owner and insurance agent mean so much to us. It only takes one bad job to cancel out a thousand "great outcomes." We strive to make sure that doesn't happen. Chose SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City for you clean up today (609)383-9785.

How to Control Mold Growth

1/20/2019 (Permalink)

All properties have a certain amount of mold. Mold becomes dangerous when it begins to grow in to large amounts. 

There are ways for you to help control the growth of mold. Here are some simple ways: 

  1. Controlling humidity levels in your with a dehumidifier. Basements are most inclined to produce humidity and need to have a dehumidifier running constantly.  
  2. Finding where the water is coming from. Fixing leaky roofs, windows, and piping as soon as they are discovered is important.
  3. Sometimes flooding can occur and the quicker the area is cleaned up and dried the level of mold can be decreased.
  4. Bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry can also hold moisture. Make sure the proper ventatlation is installed in each room. 

Don't worry if you are already having issues with mold we are here to help you. SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City is available 24/7 to receive your call. Call us now (609)383-9785

Winter Storm Threats

1/20/2019 (Permalink)

When winter storms are predicted it's important to be prepared for the worst. It is best to watch the weather channels and keep an eye out for any warnings and  instructions form local officials. 

If you are under a weather warning make sure you stay indoors, off the roads, and stay connected with family or friends. 

Prepare for power outages with an emergency kit, warm clothes, light sources, and food. 

Don't forget your four legged friends because they will need to be kept warm inside and have a place to do if evacuation is needed. 

Winter storms can be dangerous lasting a few hours to several days and can cause car accidents, health concerns such as hypothermia, and damage to property. 

SERVPRO of Egg Harbor Twp/ Ventnor City hopes this winter will be safe and distaser free. 

In case you do need water dama restoration we are available 24/7 at (609) 383-9785  

Frozen Pipes

1/20/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Frozen Pipes A home in Detroit lost everything due to frozen pipes bursting.

How do you get frozen pipes?

Frozen pipes are a huge problem when they burst and cause a lot of money in damages. 

Frozen pipes occur when property pipes are unprotected and exposed to extreme cold temperatures. When water changes from a liquid to solid form it expands. The expansion in the pipes create a bubble that begins to produce pressure and  can causes a tearing. If the frozen pipe is not discovered in time the pipe will begin to rupture and bursting out water into the property.  

We hope you never have this happen to your property but if it does SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City is here. Call us (609)383-9785 right away so we can clean up the mess and prevent any further damage. 

24-Hour Emergency Services

1/20/2019 (Permalink)

Do you have a common routine of ending your day with filling your dishwasher and running it while you head to bed. This is common for many families and there is never a thought of something possibly happening.

It's a dish washer what could possibly happen?

Until the day you wake up and find your kitchen flooded by your dishwasher that malfunctioned and overflowed quietly as your where dreaming. 

Although incidents like this may not happen all the time. It's best to know what your next steps are by being prepared. SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/ Ventnor City is ready and equipment with an amazing educated team that will respond quickly and clean of the mess. 

Save our number (609) 383-9785 and call us any time of the day we are available 24-hours.

An Overflow Problem

1/20/2019 (Permalink)

Do you have a routine of running your dishwasher right before you head to bed? This is a pretty common practice for many families. One thing that never crosses a homeowners mind is something happening while the dishwasher is running. Until they wake up the next morning and discover there entire kitchen flooded from and overflowing dishwasher.

What a way to wake up and start the day off with an issue. Your life is busy enough already to now have to deal with a flooding and potential water damaged kitchen.

We here at SERVPRO of Egg Harbor Twp/Ventnor City can take that stress away just give us a call as soon as your find the problem and we will clean it up. Our excellent team is well trained in water restoration and will ensure your overflowing dishwasher problem is no more.

Call us at (609) 383-9785.

WHY SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City

1/20/2019 (Permalink)

You may wonder why SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City and not any other. Let me tell you!

SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City is owned by a hard working man named Jim Gibbs. He has been invested in this company since 2003 and a member of your community. He and this company has been entrusted by over 4000 customers for restoring their properties. 

Jim and his team live and raise their families right here in the same community as you. We understand the need of support after a disaster especially after the few weather disasters our county has been through. 

Our team is trained and ready for any water, fire, and mold disaster and available 24-hours. It is important for us to make your stressful situation "Like it never even happened."

Call us at (609)383-9785  

Storms Come In Any Season

1/15/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City is well prepared during any season of the year to help you with your home or business during a disaster.

The winter can bring cold weather with frozen pipes resulting in water damage.

The Spring can result in excessive rains and again cause water damage and even Mold may set in;

The end of Summer and Early Fall is Storm Season, which can have the most dangerous water and flood events of the year especially in our communities of Ventnor, Longport, Margate, Pleasantville, and surrounding areas.

These storms can be very disruptive, especially along the Jersey Shore, and the area is a prime target as they hug the coastline.Take precautions and prepare for the Storm Seasons. In event of a water, fire, or mold disaster SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City is a phone call away (609)383-9785.

How to Extinguish Small Fires?

1/15/2019 (Permalink)

A fire can be scary but understanding what to do when it happens can prevent a small fire from growing.

When a fire is just starting, it could be small enough to be extinguished with a fire blanket or a fire extinguisher. But if it starts to scatter fast or takes longer than five seconds to be defeated, call 911 or pull the alarm. In case of a fire, do the following;

Electrical Fires 

  • Turn appliances off or pull the plug.
  • Do not use water.

Cooking Fire

  • Shut off the stove
  • Do not use water or turn on the exhaust fan.

Grease fires

  • Keep your oven grease free and clean up afterwards.
  • Hot grease can can spatter and ignite paper.

Gas fires

  • Shut off gas supply.
  • Never light a match near a heater or a stove.
  • Do not turn on any light switches.

No matter the type of fire, we always recommend to call's better to be safe than sorry!

If you do have a fire disaster SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City is open 24/7 to begin restoration just call us at (609) 383-9785 

Fire Damage to your Business

1/15/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City has a process to ensure your business fire damage is properly handled. 

  • Within 1 hour from your notice of fire loss, we will contact you to arrange for service. You will know help is on the way.
  • Within 4 hours of loss, we will be on site to start mitigation services.We respond fast to reduce costs and damages.
  • Within 8 hours of on site arrival, a verbal briefing of the scope of work will be communicated to the right person, normally by your adjuster or property manager.

Our team will work efficiently to help you regain control of your property when a damaging commercial fire has occurred. We will use state of the art restoration techniques to ensure your property is taken care of right away.

We are available 24/7 to help you when an event happens, and be assured that we will get you back to normal as soon we possibly can "Like it never even happened."

Call SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City 609-383-9785