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clean air duct cover


When the air ducts at your company are clean your structure will benefit in many ways. You may notice improved indoor air quality, better environment for allergy sufferers, and saves you money on energy costs.

Clean air duct

After Cleaning

Did you know that clean air ducts can help save your business money?! Energy that should be used for heating or cooling is wasted due to air pollutants and other dirt and debris clogging up your air ducts.

dirty air duct

Commercial Duct Cleaning

Air ducts should be cleaned when a significant amount of buildup has occurred inside them, like the build up shown in this photo. SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City preforms lots of commercial restoration services, such as carpet cleaning, odor removal, and ceilings/wall cleaning

Ceiling tiles removed exposing an open ceiling in an office.

Pipe Leak

Office spaces can be especially tricky when there is a multilevel building involved. When a pipe starts leaking it can spread damage throughout a space with multiple floors fairly quickly. In this instance the ceiling had be be replaced and the carpet flooring needed restoration and carpet cleaning methods. 

Cover When Cleaning

When will ensure we do the best we can to protect your personal items when cleaning up a water, fire, or mold loss area. SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City has everything needed to get the job done. 

Living Facility Experienced Flooding

When owning a business you never imagine having to deal with flooding but sometimes storms can causes these disasters. Our team can do a READY plan with you and your company. 

Post Construction Commercial Cleanup

We don't get a lot of calls on post construction cleanups,but in this case it was for a contractor that we do some work for.SERVPRO of Egg Harbor will always say yes to our Customers!

No Commercial Job is Too Big!

This is one of our larger pieces of machinery that can pretty much clean up anything in it's path!This was at a Hotel/Casino in the engineering room,and we needed every bit of it's firepower.

Commercial Water Cleanup

We received a call from one of our property managers for a commercial water clean up.This started from a few broken sprinklers,and our team went in and performed the Emergency Services the same day to get them back to normal in no time flat.

SERVPRO of Egg Harbor Team Cleanup

Our team at SERVPRO of Egg Harbor ready to take on a cleanup at a commercial building. On this job we did the Emergency Sevices and the demolition in a few days,We are working on securing the rebuild now.

Air Movers going to Medical Building

Getting ready to load up air movers to a medical building that had a toilet overflow during the night.Our warehouse is well equipped with plenty of air movers,dehumidifiers,and scrubbers for any job.

Dry Cleaning Plant in Atlantic City,NJ

This was a very large job at a commercial dry cleaning plant in Atlantic City,NJ.We put a crew of six on the job,and could only do the work after five o'clock till midnight.Once again,we completed the job in one week!