Fire Damage Photo Gallery

fire damage first floor of home

Home Fire Damage

Fire Restoration Services

SERVPRO of Egg Harbor and Township offers fire restoration and cleanup services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Our team of restoration specialists were called to this home after their first floor was damaged by a severe fire. There was significant soot and smoke damage that we were ready to clean and remove. 

First floor of home after fire damage with no walls

After Fire Damage

We're Here to Help

In severe cases of fire damage, sometimes massive amounts of drywall and insulation must be ripped out and restored. Our team will inspect the damage before creating a restoration plan. 

Fire damage smoke removal in attic

Smoke Clean Up

After Fire Damage

Our team at SERVPRO of Egg Harbor had to clean up some smoke and soot damage after this home had a small fire. We used OSHA-approved cleaning materials to get the job done. 

Attic beams

Fire Damage in Attic

There are two different types of attic fires that leave smoke residue: low pressure and high pressure. A low-pressure fire will cause smoke residue to fall from the air and land mainly on the top layers of the insulation. A high-pressure fire will deeply penetrate the insulation and structure of the attic area. Our team is equipped to handle any size fire restoration!

Yellow insulation with black stains.

Cleaning Soot

SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City cleaning products use acids to neutralize alkaline soils, and alkalis to neutralize acidic soils. We test smoke with pH paper to determine clean-ability before replacement.

ShopRite Grocery Store Fire in Egg Harbor Twp,NJ

We were called out to a fire at a major grocery chain in Atlantic County,and after the cleanup,we cleaned the duct work throughout the building.Needless to say,it was a major undertaking and required us to work evening hours only,which we were happy to comply with,and in the process we had 8 technicians there for two weeks until it was completed.We are now preparing an Emergency Ready Plan for every ShopRite in our area. Happy Customers for sure!

From Securing Fire to a Final Rebuild

SERVPRO of Egg Harbor can help you when a disaster occurs.From the first call to secure your home after a fire,to the demolition and cleanup,and finally to a new rebuild---we can do all of this!

Fire Response in Atlantic City Was Quick

Believe it or not as bad as this fire looks,the fireman controlled it quickly,and we were able to secure it right away.We came back the next day and did our demo and cleanup,and stayed on the job until it was complete.

Puff Back after Fire in Residence

Fortunately this fire was contained rather quickly and had minimal damage.After securing the home and cleaning it up,we applied a soltion to wipe down all walls and ceilings and bring it back to like new.

Fire Damage at a Residence

In adhering to our 1-4-8 policy, we were able to seal off any additional damage and board up this home overnight. We began our complete restoration process for the homeowner. We contacted the homeowner in one hour or less. SERVPRO was on site within four hours to assess the damage. Then they started the process within eight hours of the call. 

Underneath of an entertainment system with pieces of broken ceiling.

Clubhouse Fire Damage

Our Services

This was the result from a fire in the clubhouse at a local country club. 

Our team is trained to restore and repair property after water or fire damage. Contact us today for all your restoration needs. 

Underneath of a wooden deck outside.

Hidden Creek Golf Club

Fire Damage Restoration

This was the result from a fire in the Clubhouse. We brought the entire area back new in less than two weeks. The owner wanted it up and running for the Easter holiday. Three crews, double shifts and seven days all until the job was completed.