Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Shower with a reddish discoloration due to mold.

Replace or Repair?

The first question you should ask yourself is, "are the ceiling materials salvageable or does it require replacement?" Mold growth is due to water intrusion (which is impossible to avoid) replacement is highly recommended. When removing the mold contaminated materials, you should contact your local SERVPRO. Removing materials will cause mold spores to pollute the air quality.

 Shower ceiling with black mold spots.

Moldy Ceiling

Moldy Ceiling Strikes Back

Excessive humidity and poorly insulated ceilings can lead to mold growth on ceilings in bathrooms. There are a few for sure signs of humidity based mold growth. If the room is on the top floor, attic is poorly insulated, & if it's worse at the perimeter of the room.

Mold can Grow on carpets

It's vary important to make sure carpets are completely dry before placing them back under furniture. Mold loves to grow in cool dark areas such as under furniture especially if they are wet. 

Mold is NO Joke

SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City has a team certified to handle mold of all colors. The darker the mold the more dangerous it is for your health. Leave this mess up to us, we have the right equipment to clean it up. 

Containment Prevents Further Damage

At a recent customers home in Margate,NJ,the homeowners returned from vacation to find that mold had started to develop from a non conditioned area in the basement---no air was circulating for at least a month during a humid period of weather at the Jersey Shore.What you see is us putting up a containment wall so no more damage will occur and spread to other areas in the home.We then set up some air scrubbers to suck in any bacterial materials in the air,and treat the affected area with no more risk of spreading.

Certified Mold Professionals Only-at SERVPRO of Egg Harbor

When you work with a customer regarding mold,we have only trained certified staff in mold remediation services.Right off the top,we/ve made the customer aware of our qualifications,and that gives them the confidence to let us in their homes.

Our Mold Crew Is Ready To Help

We wear Hazmat Suits when called in to tackle a Mold issue,and never turn away from even the dirtiest jobs.Mold,sewerage,or biohazard jobs...we say bring them on at SERVPRO of Egg Harbor.

Pleasantville<NJ Mold in Home

WE were called by a homeowner who was given us as a referral to do a mold inspection.They had bought the home unseen at a Sheriff Sale and we ended up spraying and then wiping it down,able to restore it in decent shape to live in.

Mold from Hot Water Heater Break

The homeowner didn't realize the hot water heater broke for several days,and that's all it takes for mold to grow.We cleaned it up and they had the heater replaced in a few days.

-Moldy Basement-

A lot of homes along the shoreline are empty in the winter time. This basement was found in disarray upon their return due to some water seeping. Dark areas require air flow. Try to keep your basement open and airy during the winter months. 

Mold in Home in Egg Harbor Township, NJ

The mold you see created here resulted from a dark and damp area with no moving air. The owner hadn't used the basement kitchen for a while. This was the result of being forgotten.